Commercial Plumbing Contractors in Winnipeg and Manitoba

Whether it is a leaking faucet or a complete building piping installation, Lowe Mechanical Services Ltd. has a skilled team of plumbing tradespeople who specialize in industrial and commercial plumbing services. Lowe covers all areas of plumbing including emergency service, maintenance, new construction, and retrofitting an existing system.We have a deep regard for our clients and the associations that we have formed over our 40 years of experience. Lowe Mechanical Services Ltd. will listen to your plumbing needs and make sure that it is met in a timely manner. If your project is large or small, we cater to the demands for any project regardless of size. In addition, we are also prepared to take over any unforeseen issues. 

Whenever you face plumbing issues, we are available for the following commercial plumbing services in Winnipeg:

  • Backflow prevention devices and testing

  • Building drainage and venting

  • Plumbing fixtures

  • Hot water tanks and heaters

  • Pumps

  • Water service

  • Grease, gasoline, and oil interceptors

  • Drain clearing

  • Sewer line camera

  • Frozen/split pipe repair

  • Viega ProPress piping

  • Piping system replacement

  • All types of water piping

Plumbing is an essential part of any facility or project which is why regular maintenance is important to help your units run longer and efficiently.


Avoid emergencies and costly repairs by addressing your plumbing issues in their initial stages like:

  • Clogged sinks or toilets

  • Slowly draining pipes

  • Strange noises from pipes

Since commercial plumbing is used more often in comparison to residential plumbing, it’s best to be prepared and fix any problems in your retail space immediately. Delaying it might affect your profits and reputation! Get in touch with us so we can promptly and efficiently help with your commercial plumbing in Winnipeg.


Schedule an appointment with us today for any installations, repairs or maintenance you may need. As well, browse through our other services such as HVAC, electrical, refrigeration, and building control equipment.