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Refrigeration, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and building controls equipment and systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal working order. Scheduled maintenance provides savings by increasing the efficiency, reliability, and operating life of the equipment and systems.

Lowe Mechanical Services Ltd. has developed a customizable preventive maintenance program. This unique program is tailored to meet the individual customer's needs. Each customer is assigned a customer manager to assess their facility's requirements and develop a preventive maintenance program based on these specifications.

Lowe’s preventive maintenance program includes:

  • Detailed list of equipment including location and condition

  • Customized maintenance planner

  • Equipment specific task list for each inspection

The benefits of Lowe preventive maintenance program:

  • Discover problems before they become breakdowns

  • Reduce operating costs

  • More information for budget process

  • Improve reliability of equipment

  • Better control of capital equipment expenditures

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